At Champagne Grinding & Mfg Company we specialize in the CNC machining of Stainless Steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, plastics, & a wide array of alloy, tool,

and high speed steels, both prototype & small run production. We also have capabilities for manual machining, precision grinding, honing, and also do

our own in-house welding. We manufacture parts

for the food processing industry (primarily dairy), defense, and automotive, (RWMA taper gages).

Our Mission

Champagne Grinding & Mfg Company is a Machine Shop located in Canton, Michigan, United States. Champagne Grinding & Mfg Company was founded in Detroit in 1955 on the premise of providing quality workmanship at a reasonable price.​

About Us

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Having begun as a grinding shop, we are capable of holding grind tolerances & finishes on many of our parts directly from our CNC's. When necessary, with

our grinding & gaging capabilities, we can hold tolerances of .00005. We specialize in small runs, anywhere from 1 to 500 parts. Higher quantities are also within our capabilities. In addition to our quality, we can, with our years of experience, help reverse engineer parts from samples to produce a like version of the next generation!!!​

We are totally committed to understanding and meeting the quality needs and expectations of our customers. The entire company team will maintain
a commitment to comply with the requirements and continue to improve the effectiveness of the quality management system while aggressively striving to ensure that customer satisfaction is achieved at all times!!!

Champagne Grinding & Mfg Company has a modern, temparature controlled, 13,000 square foot facility located in Canton, Michigan in an industrial area with close access to freeways & 15 minutes from Detroit Metro Airport. We are different from your everyday job shops as we are a very self-sufficient operation that has the capability to do the entire job in-house. When the need arises and we have to source out an operation, we use vendors of the highest caliber that have the same commitment to quality that we do.

Together We Achieve The Extraordinary